There are 6 helper functions assigned to specific type of the page in your store. If you embed it in the right place, you will easily create triggers in our panel.

  • SP.go('startPage') - homepage,
  • SP.go('productPage', params) - product card,
  • SP.go('categoryPage', params) - category page,
  • SP.go('searchPage', params) - search result page,
  • SP.go('categoryAndSearchPage', params) -search result & category page if its the same "type" of the page in you store,
  • SP.go('basketPage') - basket page,
  • SP.go('thankYouPage') - thank you page.

Events in helper functions

When you call helper function, a specific event will be registered, in order (related to list above):

  • home
  • view
  • category
  • search
  • category & search (two events will be regsitered)
  • basket
  • (function SP.go('thankYouPage') is not registering any event)

Event parameters in helper functions

Helper functions pass parameters they retrieve, to events that they call inside.

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