Before we begin to dive into our documentation, it worth to set some common languaage:

  • User - it a person who visits a website were Trustistio is installed.

  • Event - an event is a something that happens on the website as a result of User interaction. Sample events: view product page, product purchase, subscribe to a newsletter etc. We set names for events in Trustisto like view, buy, subscribe.

  • Event Parameter - it some additional information that describes an event. For events about store items/products, there is a specific parameter called productId which holds item/product ID.

  • Notification - is a graphical representation of an event that occurs in past. In most cases, it's a small popup window with a message like "This item was bought 10 times today!" Sometimes notification can have different representation.

  • Message - it is a text on the notification.

  • Trigger - it's a condition when notification is presented to the user.

  • A/B Testing - it's a situation when half of the users of a given website are allowed to see notifications, and other half is not allowed. In both groups, all events are still registered, but notifications are limited to only one of them.

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